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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Extracts from Jessica and Cash' s Compatibility Report:

...This relationship will always have a highly unstable, unpredictable tone...

...Yours is not destined to be a tranquil or easy relationship characterized by long periods of contentment. Instead, great heights and depths of feeling, periods of intense emotional turbulence, and behind-the-scenes emotional struggles will be major themes...

...An overall feeling of pessimism may descend on you both from time to time, as you confront your own inadequacies and weaknesses...

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Compatibility Report

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Birth Chart and Chart Wheel for Jessica Alba

Astrology Forecast Report for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba in Honey (Widescreen Edition)

Jessica Alba in Honey (Widescreen Edition)

Dark Angel, Jessica Alba nurtured the idea of becoming an actress since she was 5. She took her first acting class when she was 12, and within a year had been signed up by an agent. In 1993 she made her film debut in Camp Nowhere. Jessica has been well represented on both television and film. Recent movies have included: The fantastic Four; Sin City; Honey; and The Sleeping Dictionary.

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