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View Brad Pitt's personal astrology birth chart, and astrological forecast chart. Are you astrologically compatible with Brad Pitt? Get a compatibility chart for you and Brad, or order your own chart. These charts are much more than daily horoscopes and are uniquely based on the exact date, time and place of birth.

Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt: The Rise to Stardom

Brad Pitt: The Rise to Stardom

Brad Pitt, although born in Oklahoma grew up in Springfield, Missouri, graduating from Kickapoo High School. Like any budding actor, Brad started his career with some not so glamorous jobs. He handed out cigarette samples dressed as a giant chicken for “el Pollo Loco” restaurant, and was a limo driver ferrying strippers around town. His first movie role was in Cutting Glass in 1989. Since then he has starred in many movies, including: Fight Club; Meet Joe Black; Twelve Monkeys; and Mr & Mrs Smith.

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